Jesse is our Resident Anime, Pop Culture and Colour specialist, as well as our studio owner here at Ink Cult Tattoo.

He loves vibrant colours, bold lines and all things nerdy. Using his background in Neo traditional and American traditional to create original, dynamic and fun pieces. Jesse ‘The Real Vanderhurst’ is your go to artist for all that is Neo-Traditonal, Cartoon, Video game or animated.

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Shan is our Senior Apprentice and resident extra-terrestrial inspired artist. Having been with us for her entire apprenticeship, she originally found love for body art through HR Giger-esque pieces, dark neo-traditional and blackwork tattoos, she has also found passion in using those elements to create unique dotwork, dart art, etching and ornamental pieces, with much more to come through her journey to become a fully-fledged tattoo artist. While always looking to design pieces inspired by alien and sci-fi imagery, SpaceCadextTattoo is constantly seeking to push her boundaries and create something to fit your style.

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Taylor is our resident Cosmetic tattoo artist and tooth gem technician, as well as one of our Tattoo apprentices here at Ink Cult. If you want to be adorned with sparkles or receive a make over that will have you at genuine ‘I woke up like this’ status, Taylor is your girl. Offering Cosmetic tattooing of lips, eyebrows, eyeliner, freckles and designs, as well as cubis zirconia, opal and certified 18k tooth gems in various assortments. TattooedbyTaylor is also one of our shop apprentices, currently learning the craft of tattooing to add to her repertoire, loving fine-line, cute, feminine, floral and witchy inspired designs.
Come check out the amazing services she has to offer.

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From beautifully smooth Neo-Traditional to bright fun nerdy tattoos, Dalton has you covered. With his roots in American traditional and fine line developing into his unique blended styles, he will create the most amazing pieces for you. Dalton loves Neo traditional, American Traditional, style mash up and all things geek. Dtag Tattoo is always perfecting and adding new styles for his repertoire, so whatever kind of design you have in mind, he will make your ideas come to life. His welcoming atmosphere and the care he takes with each tattoo he does, you will feel right at home in our studio.

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Our artist George loves pattern work, specialising in Geometric, ornamental and linework. With a diverse background of styles, he has perfected his skills in creating gorgeously crisp and symmetrical designs that will turn you into a work of art. Having traditional, Japanese, black work and cute anime also in his repertoire, George is ready to design the perfect piece to suit your style.

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Kaycee specialises in watercolour, pop culture, colour realism and anything femme, her bold and sparkling colour will bring your design ideas to life. Originally pursuing her love for art through the medium of painting, she has translated those skills to gorgeous flowing coloured tattoos on skin. If you’re looking for unique, fun or girly tattoos, Kaycee ink is the artist for you

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John is our veteran craftsman, with over 30 years in the tattoo industry, he has experience in most techniques and styles. Bringing knowledge of the extensive history and artistic form behind the tattoo industry into his work, you will be getting the true craft of tattooing with every piece. Whilst John is comfortable in a variety of styles, he has become known for Soft Black and Grey Tattooing along with Cover Ups, this said…he also enjoys nothing more than getting back to his roots with Classic Traditional, Old School, New School and Japanese style in large or small scale, colour or black and grey.

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